How To Write A Reference For A Tenant

How To Write A Reference For A Tenant

Are you a landlord looking to help a tenant secure their next home? Crafting the perfect reference letter can feel like a daunting task. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back.

As a landlord, you may be asked to provide a reference for a tenant who is moving on to a new property. This reference can be crucial for the tenant as it can help them secure a new rental. A good reference can also be beneficial for you as a landlord, as it can provide a positive reputation for your property and attract future tenants. By following a few simple guidelines and highlighting key points, you can craft a reference letter that truly shines. Remember, the most important thing is to be honest, and provide a well-rounded assessment of the tenant.

Here Are Some Key Points to Consider Including In Your Landlord Reference Template

  1. Proving Tenancy History: How Long You’ve Known the Tenant and Their Tenure at Your Property

When writing a reference letter for a tenant, it’s essential to start by mentioning how long you’ve known the tenant and how long they’ve been renting from you. This gives the prospective landlord a sense of your relationship with the tenant and their tenure at your property. It also shows that you have a good understanding of their rental history and behaviour as a tenant.

  1. Demonstrating Reliability: Highlighting the Tenant’s Payment History

A tenant’s payment history is one of the most critical factors for any landlord. It’s essential to mention if your tenant has been a timely payer. This information can give the prospective landlord peace of mind and reassurance that they will receive their rent on time without having to take action over arrears. You can even add specific examples of how often and on what date the tenant has paid their rent.

  1. Maintaining the Property: Showcasing the Tenant’s Care for the Living Space

Now, let’s talk about the condition of the property. Did the tenant keep the place clean and tidy? Did they flag any issues in a timely manner? If the tenant has kept the place neat, let their prospective landlord know. You could also mention if they’ve been proactive in flagging up any issues; this shows that the tenant takes care of the property and has been respectful of their living space. Additionally, you can give specific examples of how the tenant has maintained the property, for instance, if they have painted the walls or fixed any leaks. 

  1. Being a Good Neighbour: Illustrating the Tenant’s Respect for Those Around Them

Being a good neighbour is an important quality for any tenant. If the tenant has been a good neighbour who hasn’t caused a nuisance or disruption to people close by, raise this in your letter. This shows that the tenant is considerate and respectful of those around them. You can even mention specific examples of how the tenant has been a good neighbour, for example, if they have hosted a block party or helped a neighbour with their groceries.

  1. Navigating Legal Matters: Addressing Any Legal Action Taken Against the Tenant

If you’ve had to take any legal action against your tenant, it’s important to highlight it in your letter. However, you should provide context and explain the situation. For example, if the tenant had a one-time late payment, it’s not as severe as if they had a history of non-payment. Be transparent and honest about the situation, but also make sure to mention any actions taken by the tenant to rectify the issue.

  1. Providing Additional Insight: Highlighting the Tenant’s Stable Job and Other Relevant Information

Give the prospective landlord an idea of the tenant’s financial stability and ability to pay rent. Additionally, if the tenant has pets, it’s a good idea to mention this as well, as it could be a factor in the prospective landlord’s decision.

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