Landlord Services

We specialise in the management and lettings of residential and commercial properties throughout Ireland, primarily in Dublin City.

Residential Lettings


Inspection, advertise your property, viewings, check references, sign a lease, and check-in.

Rental Management Full

5%- 7%

Rent collection & financial statements, post-let management, we become the first point of contact for your tenants.

Rental Management - Lite

4% – 6%

Grounds keeping, lettings & turnovers of apartments. Everything in rental management except the rent collection and financials.

Commercial Lettings

5%- 7%

Both serviced & unserviced

Serviced Office Management


We can set up your building as a serviced office business and manage the business for you

We're large enough to
rely on, small enough
to care

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Free Valuation

It’s not easy being a landlord in Ireland! We’ll be delighted to meet you onsite and give you a free opinion and rental valuation. We know the property market inside out and we can advise on all aspects of property lettings, from advertising to maintenance. Call or email our office today to chat with one of our managers and arrange to meet onsite.

Free Advertising

We advertise on a broad range of online property sites, including our own. We only use ‘Premium’ (top-rated) ads so you’re assured of a first-page spot. We also get a lot of repeat business through word of mouth because of our long history in property.

The best reason to use us to advertise is that the quality of our photographs sets your property apartment from others. Their detail and professionalism catch the eye ahead of other ads. We can also advise on A-boards and newspaper ads but these can’t compete with online sources.

Free Landlord Pack

Advice is free and we’re well known on the Irish landlord’s forum for our advice. This pack is designed to guide you through a notoriously pro-tenant system and start you in the right direction. Irish landlords are treated as businesses in the eyes of the law so you need to act like one.

Quality Tenants

The most critical decision of the letting process is choosing which prospective tenants to accept. It’s easy to make a quick decision when there’s a deposit being waved in front of you but the damage that can be caused by a bad tenant can be devastating. The worst type of tenant can cost you your whole investment and your credit rating along with it.

Unfortunately, Irish law protects the worst type of tenant in place for an extraordinary amount of time, so don’t skimp on this decision. Good tenants are your most valuable resource. They’re something to be protected and a good tenant will have both a workplace and previous landlord reference. Students will have a letter of acceptance from their college. A PPS number is essential so get some proof of this along with a state ID (passport or driver’s license).

Some landlords ask for bank statements showing the ability to pay the rent level but this can be a step too far for many potential tenants. One of the best methods of screening is asking for higher deposits as described below.

We screen all prospective tenants for suitable work and character references. In some circumstances, we look for a guarantor for the tenants ie. a house owner in Ireland who will guarantee the rent.

Better Protected

In 2010 we experimented with the idea of a slightly higher deposit than the usual one month. We discovered that it was not a barrier to renting. Almost nobody even questioned the idea, and it had no effect on our letting speed. People saw it as “just a deposit”, so they knew they would be getting it back at the end of their tenancy, almost like small savings.

The result today is a near zero rate of the old story, of tenants leaving without paying the last month and also owing small amounts for damages, electricity, rent arrears etc. We no longer need to make a tough decision on whether it’s worth chasing a tenant for a small amount because tenants don’t leave owing anything. Tenants have too much to lose now that we hold deposits of at least one-and-a-half months of rent. We take two months in cases were all document requirements aren’t met, for example students or someone moving into the country without a previous landlord reference or PPS number.

We hold the deposit in a client account on your behalf and return it to the tenant at the end of the tenancy agreement, subject to the usual final inspection.

Residential Lettings

Our letting service is fast and efficient. After advertising, viewing, collecting a deposit & first month’s rent and checking references, our online lease system takes over. Accepted applicants sign up through our website and are taken step-by-step through the details of the lease. All the most common questions are answered and all the most common mistakes made by tenants are tackled before they can ever become an issue. The system standardises the information given to everyone, which saves you time and money. A stitch in time saves nine.

It’s best to have a property as clean and clear as possible for viewings and we recommend sending a cleaner to every property before viewing. Our make-ready crew can prepare any property and we have some standardised decorations that suit any living room to make the photos stand out. Before signing the lease in person we get the tenant to complete and sign a standing-order form for their rent, which we send to their bank on their behalf. We also require the tenant to sign current photos of the property which are attached to the lease and remind them to send us their own snag list shortly after move-in as a precautionary measure. We also give them meter readings and their meter point reference numbers.

Our leases have been tried and tested over many years and at the RTB, so you can rest assured. You let us know if you want us to register the tenant with the RTB, or if you would rather. You’re in complete control.

Our letting and management fees are some of the most competitive on the market. We tell people we’re not the cheapest because the cheapest is garbage; we’re the second cheapest, because we don’t spend all your money on our advertising or expensive showrooms. After the deduction of fees & outlays we send you a detailed balancing statement.

With a letting-only service, the landlord assumes responsibility for managing the tenant from the time the tenant moves in.

Rental Management Full

Our full management really does means all-inclusive, hassle-free, with no hidden extras. We become the only point of contact for the tenant so you sit back and relax while we do all the work. Tenants call us for any maintenance or legal issues like notice periods, sublets, tenant obligations etc. We collect the rent, keep you compliant, send you a monthly financial statement and transfer the rent to you each month after the agreed fees.

One of the most common pieces of advice we give on the Irish Landlord’s forum is to not accept anything less than the market rate. You don’t owe anyone a lifestyle, but many landlords are uneasy about tackling this issue when dealing directly with a tenant. Many landlords are unsure of the fine details of retaining a deposit to cover tenant damages, or in taking a case to the RTB when a tenant hasn’t kept to their obligations or defending against an unreasonable demand from a bad tenant. This is where our years of experience with the residential tenancies legislation and the RTB stand to us and where we really justify our fees. We’re able to tackle these issues head-on and we have the precedents to show for it.

  • We collect rents and chase any late rents on your behalf
  • We’re the first point of contact for and tenant’s queries and aim to keep you informed but not hassled
  • We arrange maintenance of your property, within your parameters, by our fully qualified, tried-and-tested tradesmen
  • We periodically inspect the property and advise the tenants of their responsibilities where needed
  • We manage deposit refunds and withholding thereof whenever necessary. You’re never at a loss.
  • We represent you at any RTB cases that may arise
  • We keep records and financials of your account
  • We send you a monthly statement and transfer rents to you net of fees
  • Sublets are almost always covered by the tenant’s deposit and are billed at a fraction of the cost of a full let

Renewals are also billed at a fraction of the cost of a full let but these are only useful to you in a downward market

We’re large enough to rely on, small enough to care

Commercial Management

With over 50,000 square feet of office space across Dublin & Limerick cities, we can advise on long and short-term leases and license agreements. We manage fully serviced office blocks on both sides of the city and we have tenants on both short term leases, and long term leases up to 35 years. We manage offices in some of the best locations in Dublin including Wicklow Street, Temple Bar, Clarendon Street, Pearse Street and Parnell Square. We also manage multi-use buildings like our restaurant in Temple Bar next door to the Clarence Hotel, with an office on the 1st floor and two apartments on the floors above. There’s a very good reason our serviced office buildings are consistently fully let; our business model is so cost effective we out-price our competitors.

Preparation of commercial leases generally costs more because of the extra customisation needed and the possible requirement for a solicitor.

We specialise in property management and lettings of residential and commercial buildings in Ireland
We specialise in property management and lettings of residential and commercial buildings in Ireland

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