Noise Complaints

When we get complaints about noisy tenants the first thing we do is send a letter to them saying we’ve had a complaint and that we take complaints seriously etc. We don’t identify who made the complaint.

As always, rule number one is to imagine how one would rationalise the case to a PRTB adjudicator. We ask complainants to record the noise the next time it happens, for example an audio or video recording on a mobile phone. We can also rely on multiple neighbour complaints (at least three neighbours) but the vast majority of people would be able to get some sort of audio or video recording on a mobile phone. Even if we had three neighbours complaining about the noise, if it was really that bad they would be able to record something to prove it.

When we have concrete evidence we send another warning to the tenant saying we will evict them if it happens again.

We take into account the frequency and severity of the noise before sending any eviction notice. For example a couple having an argument every few months is usually just a healthy marriage. Shouting arguments are unpleasant to hear but it’s not as bad as loud music from a party. Only a recording could tell how severe noise was.

If it does happen again (third time) within a close period of time, and we get the same recordings from the complainants, we then send them an eviction notice using the appropriate wording set in legislation.